Sunshine is the first single from the B.A.T.S. Debut Album Coming in Summer 2022 . Shot on Boulder Island by Gene Greenwood, it shows the band playing live at a flotilla party. We used the occasion to make a video for the song: Sunshine, which we also played later during the party, even as storm clouds came up from behind the island. Despite choppy waters and looming dark clouds, towards the end, the music and party prevailed with a good turn-out of yachts, canoes and kayaks! 

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Shine is the debut studio album released by Canadian  band Buddy and the Scarecrow, to be released Fall 2022. The first single from the album, “Sunshine” will be released on July 23, 2022. The album also includes the promotional singles “Red Carpet” and “Nitty Gritty”. Unlike the single version of “Sunshine”, the album version is an extended version featuring Juno award winning Dawn Pemberton.

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Meet the members of Buddy and the Scarecrow. With a rich history of friendship and collaboration of over twenty five  years, they come together in their latest project to delight us with their timeless songs and exciting interplay that only comes from years of playing with each other.

  • Having worked with some of the biggest names in music history, I can say with conviction that Buddy and
    the Scarecrow is a very special band with a potentially successful recording and touring career ahead of

    Music Heals
    Dave Barnett , CEO
  • I've always been impressed with the song writing talents of Kushner and Tidswell....their songs and musicianship make them an ideal band for touring; carrying the torch with an original take on classic rock folk and roots music.

    David Levinson
    Artist Manager

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